How to Lower Resistance on a Cold Call – Example for Gong

Here’s how to start conversations over the phone with skeptical prospects.

Have you ever gone to a department store and told a store associated you were “Just looking” when they approached you?

Then a few minutes later you’re at the register buying something

Yeah me too.

Why do people avoid sales associates?

You’re in the Zone of Resistance (ZOR).

Your ZOR is a reflect reaction to salespeople.

You’re afraid they’re going to try to talk you into buying.

Whenever people feel they’re being talked into something they want out. It’s called self-preservation.

Same intent.

Same behavior.

Same results.

How do you lower the ZOR?

Let go of having expectations.

Ask a question that gets prospects to think differently about their current solution without having an agenda.

In other words, poke the bear.

Here’s an example for Gong.


Hi John, Lisa Jones calling on a recorded line. You’re probably going to hate me because this is a cold call. Would you like to hang up or roll the dice? I promise to be brief.


Thanks. We work with {VPs of Sales} managing at least 10 reps and I came across your name. I’m with Gong. Curious, have you heard of us?

If yes – What have you heard?

If no -> That’s not a problem.

Bridging Phrase: Okay, let me get to it.


The reason for my call is that we find that many ops teams are relying on SVPs or a bottoms-up methodology to prepare forecasts.


If you don’t mind me asking how are you forecasting today? Is it a human-derived process or are you also using machine learning to predict more accurately?


How’s the been working out for you with regards to accuracy?

If human-derived – > Just out of curiosity, how are you verifying the subjective nature of human-derived forecasts?

Have you considered using a machine-based forecast that constantly gut checks the bottom-up forecast to improve forecast accuracy?

Feel the difference?

You’re not assuming the prospect has a problem, instead, you’re being curious how the way they’re currently getting the job done.

When you detach from the outcome, prospects feel comfortable opening up because they don’t feel the pinch of the sale.

Different intent.

Different behavior.

Different results.

Ditch the pitch.

Poke the bear.