How to Make Selling Less Stressful

“10X your productivity.”

“Rip 100 dials a day.”

“Crush quota.”

“Hustle 60+ hours/week.”

Here’s the thing.

You don’t have to 10X, rip, crush or get a side hustle to be happy selling.

If you fall a bit short sometimes or are *gasp* “average,” it’s okay.

The person “hustling” had to miss tons of social events, miss their kid’s baseball games, work well past 6 pm, text during dinner and check emails on the weekends.

When you hustle for big piles of money, there’s always a tradeoff.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

When you compare yourself to others, all you see are your shortcomings. Brains are negatively biased.

When you focus on other people’s success or strengths and ignore your own, you always feel anxious.

You don’t need dashboards or leaderboards to tell you how you’re doing.

Instead, compare yourself to yourself.

If you feel like you’re getting better and making progress, that’s good enough.

It takes four years of deliberate practice to master any income skill. Be patient.

Oh and don’t stress about quota.

Quota is a guess made by someone else that you don’t control.

Focusing on things you don’t control is a recipe for being unhappy and angry.

Focus only on things you control.

Like finding a fitness activity, you enjoy doing daily. No health, no money.

Like honing what you say on a call cold and how you say it by listening to your calls.

Like studying copywriting so you can write better emails.

Like using Tongue Tied flashcards to practice defusing objections. (Shameless plug.)

Feel like you got a little better today?

That’s good enough.

You’re doing great.