How to Reduce Pressure on a Cold Call

Here’s how to stack the odds in your favor for booking meetings on a cold call.

Researcher Dr. Nicolas Guéguen had collaborators dress up as panhandlers asking people for money at a busy mall.

They calculated the percentage of positive responses.

When his accomplices ended their request with, “you’re free to accept or refuse,” the number of donations increased by 400%.

The takeaway?

Prospects want to feel like they’re in control.

Yet most salespeople take control away by pushing prospects into a meeting by saying things like:

“Let’s schedule a time to chat Thursday. How’s 3 pm?

“Do you have 15 minutes on Wednesday?”

Each of these statements raises defenses because prospects can smell your commission breath. Prospects know you’re putting your best interests before theirs.

Even if prospects agree to a meeting, it’s often a “fake yes” to get you off the phone, so they don’t show up.

So let’s try another approach.

Example for Gong:

“Would it make sense to review what your options are for reducing the risk of losing winnable deals should a need arise in the future?”

This phraseology leaves control in the hands of the prospect (“Would it make sense..”)

“Losing winnable deals” acknowledges your prospect’s biggest fear.

The phrase “should a need arise in the future” reduces the pressure associated with buying now.

“Review what your options are,” subconsciously says, “there are no assumptions here.”

Knowing what to say to reduce pressure is an important skill to master.