How to Unseat a Competitor

“Josh, I sell an office cleaning service. It’s a commodity. How do I persuade people to switch?”

You don’t. Price is the last refuge when prospects think you’re a commodity.

To motivate people to switch you to shine a light on a problem your prospect might not be aware of.

Here’s how.

Step 1. What do you know that your prospect doesn’t know that can hurt them? What’s the cost of inaction?

By way of example, disease-causing germs are primarily transmitted through touch points.

A touch point or hotspot is an area in your facility that hands come into contact with frequently.

Common touch points include computer mouses, door handles, business machines, light switches, the office fridge handle, microwave handle, railings, and several other office objects.

Most cleaning companies are unfamiliar with touch points. Or they don’t clean them consistently.

The cost of inaction?

Increase risk of spreading disease-causing germs.

The implication (twist the knife)?

Higher rates of employee absenteeism, lower productivity, decreased satisfaction and engagement and even increased employee turnover.

Step 2: Poke the Bear.

Armed with your point of view, now you can poke the bear.

Here’s what that might sound like on a cold call:

“A recent ABC article said disease-causing germs are primarily transmitted through hotspots or touch points within your facility that hands come into contact with frequently. Door handles, light switches, office fridge handles, the list goes on.

Just out of curiosity, how do you know your cleaning service is consistently clean touch points in your facility?”

When you poke the bear, brains subconsciously think, “Hmm, I’m not sure. How do I know?”

The takeaway?

It’s not your job to talk people into switching.

It’s your job to be the bearer of bad news.

Plant a seed of doubt in your prospect’s mind so they will think differently about their current solution.

Poke the bear.