How to Write Follow-Up Emails

Four follow-up messages that are getting you ghosted. And three that won’t.

  1. Just checking in.
  2. Bumping this to the top in your inbox.
  3. Did you get the email below?
  4. Just following up.

  1. John, we analyzed 937 cold calls that booked meetings. And have a slideshow on what each of those calls has in common. Is this something you’d like to see?
  2. John, I enjoyed your two cents on building a winning sales culture. It was interesting to hear your thoughts on making time for coaching and why it matters. You rock.
  3. John, thought you’d enjoy this HBR article on building a productive sales culture. In particular the bit about “firing” customers that, despite all attempts, remain unprofitable accounts.

Don’t get yourself thrown into the “just another salesperson with commission breath” bucket.

Make deposits.