How to Ask For a Referral Without It Being Awkward

Here’s How to Ask For a Referral Without It Being Awkward

“Do you know any VPs of Sales who have money that you can introduce me to so I can sell them?”

That’s pretty much what customers think when you ask them for a referral.

The problem?

Asking for referrals comes from a place of getting; it’s a withdrawal.

Customers know they’re about to unleash a salesperson with commission breath on someone in their network.

Your customer’s connection is no match for your double-tapping and automated follow-ups.

What’s the alternative?

What if instead of making a withdrawal, you made a deposit?

Giving not getting.

Like this:

Hi Lisa,
I know this is a huge ask, so buckle up.
I’m sharing a slideshow on three ways to increase cold email response rates. Do you know any Directors of Business Development or VPs of Sales that might benefit from this?

If you don’t feel comfortable name-dropping, no worries. You don’t even need to reply to this email. (I’ll still send brownies for the holidays? Unless you hate brownies :-).

This is for my business, but you can easily modify it for your audience.
You can collaborate with marketing on the topic.

Or steal slides from a webinar your company has already done.
Teaching forges a strong connection between two people.

Good ole fashioned giving for the win.