Humor Isn’t Appropriate?

“Humor isn’t appropriate because I sell to the C-suite of $150 million dollar companies.”

Let’s talk about humor in sales.

People don’t lose their sense of humor when they go to work.

The C-suite likes to laugh. So do you. So does everyone.

That’s because the C-suite are people. And people like to smile.

Laughter causes the release of oxytocin. Often called the empathy hormone, oxytocin bonds people together.

Here’s I use humor when selling.

I asked a prospect what she missed about working in an office. After she told me, I said, “What I miss most is seeing colleagues, water cool chats and wearing pants.”

It’s called the rule of three – expected trait, expected trait, unexpected trait.

During a negotiation:

“45k is my final offer and I’ll throw in my pet hermit crab.”

A study conducted by O’Quinn & Aronoff found that mentioning a pet frog had a large effect on compromises the purchase price.

Here’s a funny cold email sign offline Jon Buchan uses:

“Awaiting your fair but stern reply.”

On a cold call:

“You’re probably going to hate me because this is a cold call. Do you want to hang up or roll the dice?

When you make a prospect smile their brain subconsciously says, “Hey that made me feel good, I want more of that.”

What do you think about using humor to sell?