I Do Over IQ

Information and doing aren’t the same things.

Doing changes outcomes. Information doesn’t.

Sometimes information can squeeze out doing.

If you spend all your time inhaling information, you don’t have much time to apply what you learned.

Partially it’s a fear thing. If you consume information, nothing can go wrong. It feels safe to consume. When you do stuff, it might not work out.

Information is addictive because it feels good.

Information scratches and itch. It’s satisfying to read this post because you think you’re learning something.

But being information addicted can decrease your motivation for doing.

For example, I often tell people about play in the Badass guide to reactivate prospects who have gone dark. People respond by saying, “Yeah, I know that play.”

But then when I ask, “are you doing that play consistently” the answer is usually “no”.

I do over IQ.