Is Your Message Crispy or Generic?

Imagine this scenario.

Your out-of-warranty Macbook Pro starts to crash frequently.

Then it starts to make an unusual noise.

You do a Google search and see an ad for two computer shops.

Shop A
“Over 6,000 computers serviced since 2015.”

Shop B
“Over 6,000 MacBook Pros serviced since 2015.”

Which shop do you choose?

B right?

That’s because shop B specifically mentioned a MacBook Pro.

Shop A was generic, so it’s not as credible.

Why am I talking about this?

When reaching out to prospects, the more specific or crispy you are, the more credible you are.

Don’t do this:

“We reduce shipping costs.”

Do this:

“Hi John – We’re seeing that many e-commerce companies in the pet space doing at least 5k/ per month in revenue are overpaying for shipping by 10-15%. One of the reasons is the weight and dimensions of boxes for pet products. Worth exploring for Animal Pharm? Either way, I bought Cucumber Melon shampoo for my dog and love the smell!”