It’s Not You

What does it say about you if you make a cold call and a prospect says they’re not interested?


Your self-worth has absolutely nothing to do with how prospects interpret your message or how they respond.

Your prospect isn’t saying they’re not interested in you. They’re saying they aren’t interested in what you’re saying.

Prospects say they’re not interested in what you’re saying because:

  1. It has nothing to do with their job.
  2. It sounds like something they already have.
  3. It’s not shining a light on a big expensive problem they didn’t know they had.
  4. They smell your commission breath.
  5. They hate getting cold calls. (Only 1 in 10.)

The joy of cold calling happens when you realize you don’t control how other people interpret your message or how they respond.

Let go of assumptions.

Detach from the outcome.

You only control who you call, how many people you call, what you say, how you say it, and how you respond to objections.

Your mantra?

“I’m going to reach out to people that might have a problem I can help with. Some will be open to sharing about how they’re currently getting the job done and continuing the conversation. Some won’t. It’s okay either way. I’m not for everyone.”

Different thoughts.

Different feeling.

Different results.

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