Join The Resistance

“We have a solution in place.”

How do you respond?

Most salespeople try to overcome this “objection” by saying things like:

“We’ve found the companies that use both offerings make X much easier.”

“I’m not asking you to rip anything out. I’d just like the opportunity to show you why we’re different and how we’ve provided additional value.”

Statements like these destroy trust because prospects can smell your commission breath.

Of course, you want an “opportunity to show me”; you want to sell me.

Whenever prospects feel like they’re being talked into buying, they enter the Zone of Resistance (ZOR).

The ZOR is a reflex reaction to sales pressure. 

How do you lower the ZOR?

Join the resistance :-).

Here’s what joining the resistance sounds like:

“Sound like you’re getting everything right.”

“Seems like you have everything figured out.”

“Looks like you wouldn’t change a thing.”

“You’re firing on cylinders.”

“Sounds like you’re happy with how everything is going.”

“Seems like putting X in place was a home run.”

Phrases like these lower the ZOR because you’re not pushing. 

What you typically hear after joining the resistance is, “Not exactly. I wish everything were going right.”. And now you have an opening. 

Chris Voss calls this labeling. 

Labeling calls out the underlying emotion of the prospect. It allows prospects to explain why the label is correct or incorrect.

Once the prospect opens up you can say, “I’m sure you’ve thought of this. Have you considered adding no code in app surveys to your arsenal to get higher response rates?”

Move with prospects, not against them. 

Verbal aikido rather than verbal combat.