Killer Cold Email That Landed

Here’s a killer cold email that made me respond.

Josh – Your video on sales anxiety was spot on. Enjoyed your two cents on detaching from the outcome. Simple but not easy-:).

Have you considered repurposing your videos for TikTok to expand reach beyond LinkedIn?

@abhormozi grew from 0-23k followers in two months without lifting a finger.

Here’s a demo to show you what it might look like.

Is this something you’d be open to exploring?”

Why this worked:

1. Everyone likes a compliment. However, this email would have still landed without the sugary first paragraph.

2. He didn’t hurt my ego. How? He made a suggestion that didn’t make me feel stupid. He’s not telling me what I did wrong. Instead, he’s asking a question that shines a light on a missed opportunity. The phrase “have you considered” lowers the Zone of Resistance.

3. Meaningfully different. Focused on a result I want but don’t have. More reach equals more sales of my Badass B2B Growth Guide.

3. Credible. People tend to want what others like them already have. It’s called the bandwagon effect.

4. Believable. Provides an example of what my video would look like on TikTok—showing is more persuasive than telling. I’m skeptical of salespeople who tell me how great their product is. Of course you’re going to say your product is great; you have commission breath. Answers my #1 objection – Do you have the expertise?

5. Piques curiosity. How do you get followers without lifting a finger?

6. Low friction ask. He’s gauging interest rather than asking for time.

This is for a service that amplifies content, but the framework can easily be customized to fit your audience.

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