Let’s Write a Good Cold Email

Let’s write a good cold email we can send to many people without personalization.

Only one field to merge.

Step 1: Identify a Group of People
People selling their homes in South Florida.

Step 2: Job-to-be-Done
Sell home.

Step 3: The Cost of Inaction
Right now, you have to hire lawyers, title companies.

There are brokers involved.

Transactions are long, cumbersome, expensive.

Step 4: What’s Better
Smart contracts using NFTs.

All of these people get paid a lot of money (10% of the purchase price) to help you get the property’s deed in your name.

Titles and deeds are tokenized.

When you want to buy or transact real estate, you can do it with an NFT.

No title companies. No lawyers. No transaction fees.

Transactions completed without any delays.


Subject: house on Marbella Drive

“Kim – What people hate about selling their home is losing 10% of the purchase price on transaction fees to transfer the deed – stuff like lawyers, title companies, etc.

Over 2,000 homeowners in South Florida have sold their homes without involvement from a third party – no fees, title companies, or lawyers. Transactions completed in 15 minutes rather than weeks. It involves using a smart contract to tokenize titles + deeds.

Have you considered tokenizing your home for sale on Marbella Drive?”

Why This Works

  1. Illuminates the cost of doing nothing (losing 10%). People prefer avoiding losses to acquiring equivalent gain. It’s called loss aversion.
  2. Explains what changes for the better (no transaction fees).
  3. Leverages others who have already changed for the better. People are more motivated to “hop on the bandwagon” when others have already done so. It’s called the bandwagon effect.
  4. Low friction CTA. Asks a question that makes the prospect think differently about the current way.

This is for a smart contract, but you can easily customize this for your prospects.