Let’s Write a Good Cold Email

Let’s write a good cold email.


WITH A JOB TO BE DONE: Trim hedges.

WHO’S CURRENTLY: using a pair of garden shears and snapping off tree branches on the trees that hang over the fence into their neighbor’s property.

WHICH RESULTS IN: spending an entire Sunday afternoon on back-breaking labor attacking their overgrown garden and receiving notices from the HOA when they fall behind. 

OTHER SOLUTIONS: Hire a landscape or buy a chainsaw.

PROBLEM WITH OTHER SOLUTIONS: Landscapers are expensive. Slapping down a pile of cash on a chainsaw that’s intimidating and heavy.

FINALLY DISCOVERS YOUR SOLUTION: The Cordless MiniSaw is a lightweight single-hand use chainsaw that will cut through 3” diameter branches in approximately 4 seconds and has a run-time per charge of up to 6.5 hours. Landscapers charge $100 per tree. You can spend less than that ($79) on the Cordless MiniSaw to trim five trees in 30 minutes. 

The Email:

Subject: 5522 Marbella Drive

Hey Josh – Honestly now did you spend your youth dreaming about someday spending your Sunday afternoon trimming trees on Marbella Drive? Ten million homeowners use the Cordless Mini Saw to trim five trees in 30 minutes. 6.5 hour charge. No $100 per tree landscaper. Worth a peek?”

Knowing how to clarify your message is a good skill to master.