Let’s Write a Good Cold Email For LeanData

“Matt” is a new SDR at LeanData.

Here’s how he booked a meeting on his first day without any product training.

Step 1: LeanData website > Customers > Success Stories Here’s are quotes from a customer Raheel Alam, at BombBomb:

Before LeanData

“We needed a developer to write code in order to route leads to reps. It took 32 minutes to first contact.”

(Why it sucks) – Leads erode quickly, smaller pipelines)

After LeanData

“Leads deduped, routed to right SDR and sequenced in 3.5 minutes.”

(What’s better) -fatter pipelines, no more lost leads.) Step 2: Pick a prospect.

Carmel Tavori.

Step 2: What did you notice? Find something in Carmel’s profile that provides context for reaching out.

Here’s the About section of Carmel’s profile.

(Search posts, comments, and recommendations too.)

“I am a firm believer that “life is for living” so when I’m not supporting B2B Marketers and Sales teams, you can find me enjoying lots of pasta,
being an amateur wine connoisseur, and spending as much time as possible near the ocean.”

Step 3: Why does that matter? Draw a conclusion from what you noticed to how you might help using the words of the customer.  Let’s relate “wine connoisseur” to how LeanData can potentially help.

Write an email that looks like text. Four sentences, one paragraph.

Step 4: Write the email.

Subject: wine

“Amanda – Unlike being an armature wine connoisseur, reps can’t smell the buttery aroma of a good inbound lead. ACME & BETA are using our tech to enable SDRs to sniff them out – deduping and routing leads in 3.5 minutes without a developer. No lost leads. Would an email exchange make sense?”