Let’s Write a Good Cold Email For Tipalti

Let’s write a good cold email for Tipalti .

Step 1 – Find a customer quote.

Here’s one from Kurt the CEO at Freestar, an advertising technology company:

Before Tipalti
“Paying publishers was a manual process that was taking days every month. There was room for error. Tax compliance requirements challenged publishers.”

Cost of inaction – When you pay publishers late (aka customers) you lose them.

After Tipalti
“Five minutes and we schedule 300 publisher payments for the month without having to hire additional finance roles.”

Step 2. Find a similar prospect working at a similar company – Matt the CEO at X.

Next, let’s take a spin through Matt’s profile.

Under the About section, I see he used to be an attorney in CA. How can I elegantly tie that in?

Like paying publishers, what about being a lawyer takes a lot of time? Taking the bar exam. I search CA bar exam. Looks like there’s a section called MBE that takes 6 hours to finish. That’ll work.

Step 3. Write the email

”Matt, does paying publishers take longer than finishing the MBE section of the California Bar Exam? Freestar is scheduling 300 monthly publisher payments in five minutes without hiring additional finance roles. No errors + tax compliant. No rush but is this worth exploring?”