Let’s Write a Good Cold Email

Here’s a cold email targeted to rob-advisors.

Yes, you can steal this but it’s the underlying psychology that will help you apply it to your audience.

Job to be Done: Increase app downloads and signups.

Prospect: Head of Growth at robo-advisor companies with over 400,000 monthly active users.

The Cold Email:

“Hey John,
Robo-advisor signups at Betterment are up 21%. It involves leveraging ‘Finfluencers’- social media influencers that use TikTok and Instagram to make financial advice digestible for younger audiences. Pay for performance. Would an email exchange make sense? Thanks. Lisa.”

Why this works:

  1. Focused on a result marketers want but don’t have.
  2. Leverages social proof to build credibility.
  3. Is specific or crispy. When you’re specific, you’re more believable.
  4. Short. No fluff.
  5. Is meaningfully different from their current solution.
  6. Low friction CTA. Not asking for time by assuming interest, gauging interest first.