Light the Wick

Here’s how to create whatever success you want.


Several years ago, I was 40 pounds heavier.

A friend bought me a few sessions with his personal trainer, Krys.

Here’s what Krys said to me on Day 1:
“Walk around the block one time and FaceTime me when you’re done.”

After I finished one lap around the block, I called Krys. 

Here’s Krys:
“Awesome job Josh! You just lit the wick!” 

1 block turned into 2.

2 into 4.

4 into 8.

8 into a Fitbit and 5,000 steps. Then 10,000 steps.

10,000 steps to a spin class.

Spinning into cycling.

Then swimming. Then running. 

Two years later, I finished a Half Ironman triathlon and lost 40 pounds.

Why am I talking about this?

Success doesn’t take superhuman steps like doing 100 burpees.

1 block, then 2.

1 cold call. Then 2.

Things that feel so tiny they almost feel insignificant.

Simple daily habits repeated consistently add up over time.

Post 1 time.

Comment 1 time.

Like 1 time. 

Send 1 DM a day.

Do that for 30 days and watch your life transform. 

You can create whatever success you want.

But you have to do something,

You have to walk around the block.

Stick to a routine.

Success doesn’t happen in an instant. 

Success is more akin to cooking with a Crockpot than a microwave. It’s slower—years, not minutes.  

Light the wick.