How to use cold email to validate your idea

Early stage startups typically need to determine who their idea customer is and whether their product or service addresses a need.  In order to accelerate that process try this:

  1. Search LinkedIn for contacts at companies you think you can serve
  2. Use, or leadgibbon to find their email addresses
  3. Send an email like the one below
  4. Use to automatically “nudge” a response

Subject: Bob, are you open to helping an entrepreneur? 

Hi Bob,

I’m Josh, the founder of I’m working on a service that might be helpful to sales managers.  The service helps your reps turn more demos into revenue while eliminating stalled deals.

At this point, I’m not selling anything. Just looking to get feedback from a few sales leaders like yourself . 

Happy to compensate you for your time or tell you my secret recipe for the best green smoothie on earth. Spoiler alert it has cilantro.