Microwave Prospecting

Most people that connect with me on LinkedIn pitch right away.

They want instant gratification. They’re “cooking” with a microwave.

The problem?

When you “cook” with a microwave, people can smell your commission breath. They know you’re putting your best interests before theirs.

Instead, imagine you’re “cooking” with a Crockpot instead of a microwave.

Similar to creating trust, cooking with a Crockpot takes time.

Here are the ingredients for cooking with a Crockpot on LinkedIn.

  1. Identify ten prospects who are active on LinkedIn:
  2. Stalk before you talk. Read their posts. Get a feel for what they’re interested in.
  3. Hit like a few times.
  4. Then join the conversation by teaching your prospect something they care about.

Like this:

“John, saw you’re scaling your team. Here’s a link to an SDR calculator that helps you determine the right quota to set for each SDR based on your desired return.”

  1. Set your Crockpot timer to two months. After three shares over a few months, ask for the meeting.

Like this:

“John, I analyzed 937 cold calls that booked meetings. And have a slideshow on what each of those calls has in common. Is this something you’d like to see?”

The takeway?

Trust isn’t something you can instantly “cook” in a microwave.

You burn trust when you cook it in a microwave.

Get a Crockpot.

Cook slow.

Good old-fashioned delayed gratification for the win.