Nobody Tells This to Salespeople Who Are Beginners

Nobody tells this to salespeople who are beginners.

I wish someone had told me.

It’s not your job to talk other people into buying.

When your intent is to talk people into things, you behave in ways that create pressure.

Whenever people feel pressure, they enter the Zone of Resistance (ZOR).

Your ZOR is a reflect reaction to salespeople who put their best interests first.

Your ZOR protects you from being sprayed with perfume when you’re walking through Macy’s

It’s why you tell department store associates you’re “just looking”.

Same intent.

Same behavior.

Same results.

So your first job when reaching out to skeptical prospects is to lower the ZOR.


Change your intent.

Detach from the outcome.

You’re for some people, but you’re not for everyone.

Imagine that you’re sorting, not selling.

Detaching from the outcome changes what you say and how you sound.

Your new intent?

Be curious about how your prospect is currently getting the job done to determine IF there’s a problem; rather than assuming there’s a problem.

Here’s what that might sound like on a cold call for a triathlon coach.

Ask for permission to talk. 
“Hi Josh, Coach Anna. We’ve never spoken before. And I know you weren’t expecting my call. Do you mind if I ask you a question?’

Provide context. 
“Thanks. I came across your name because I’m working with several athletes in the Boca Tri Club.”

Be Curious about their current situation without having an agenda.
“So I was wondering, do you have any races coming up, or are you sitting this season out?”

Conversation started.

Ditch the pitch.

Different intent.

Different behavior.

Different results.