One Question That Gets Prospects Talking on a Cold Call

Here’s one of my favorite questions that motivate prospects to start talking during a cold call.

“How are you currently dealing with…?”

This question gives you an understanding of how your prospect is currently getting the job done, so you can determine if you can help them do something better.

It shines a light on what prospects lose if they do nothing and makes brains subconsciously think, “Hmm, I’m not sure, what do you have?”

Example for a triathlon coach:

“Many Ironman athletes we work with say they’re spending 20+ hours a week training. We call that divorce by triathlon :-). Just out of curiosity, how are you currently dealing with balancing work/family life with training?”

Example for someone selling X-rays:

“CT procedures are projected to decline 7-9% in 2022 due to declining reimbursements from more expensive exams. Just of curiosity, how are you currently dealing with CT procedures declining?”

How might you apply this question to your prospects?