People “Hire” Your Product to Get a Job Done

Let me tell you a story.

I’m a triathlete.

Here are the “jobs” I need to get done:

  1. Swim 1.2 miles
  2. Bike 112 miles
  3. Run 26.2 miles

I “hire” products and services to get the job done.

For example to finish a triathlon (the job), I “hire” products like goggles, a bike, a helmet, running shoes, socks, etc.

Jobs never change (swimming, biking, running).

How I get jobs done or the products I “hire” always changes.

I “fire” products and “hire” other products for two reasons:

I’m no longer able to make progress with the product I “hired”. 

For example, as I start to run longer distances, my running shoes start to hurt.  As my situation changes, the product I hired no longer gets the job done so I “fire” my old shoes and “hire” new shoes.

I’m made aware of a problem or opportunity.

Several months ago I was in the mall with my wife.

To kill time while she shopped, I walked into Fit2Run.  I didn’t need anything.

If the store associate said, “What brings you in today?” I would have said, “Nothing, just looking around.”

If she said, “Can I help you?” I would have said, “Nope, I’m good.”

But Lisa didn’t ask either of those questions.

Instead, she said this:

“Are you a runner?”

Me: “I am.”

Lisa: “What distance?”

Me: “Training for a marathon.”

Lisa: “Curious, have you ever had a running gait test?”

Me: “A what?”

Moments later I’m running on a treadmill in the middle of the store.

Lisa: “Notice how your feet are overpronating?”

Me: “I do.”

Lisa: “The way a person’s foot strikes the ground can have significant effects on their body. Did you know that when you’re out of alignment you increase your chances of getting injured on long-distance runs?”

Moments later I spent $79 on insouls.

The takeaway?

Prospects are making progress when you reach out to them.

They’re getting the job done (running) with the products they’ve “hired” (their current sneakers.)

When they read or hear your sales message, they’re secretly asking themselves, “Why should I switch?”

Inertia and habits are powerful.  I’d rather dance with the devil I know than risk switching.

To disrupt the status quo, you need words that get prospects to think differently about their current solution.


By shining a light on new ways prospects can move away from things they don’t want (getting injured when running) or towards things they do want (finishing a marathon).

What do you know that they don’t know? 

Runners who overpronate may be prone to more injuries.  What they don’t know is that insoles can reduce this risk.

Armed with that insight, you can write a cold email like this:

Subject: Cozumel?

“Josh – saw you’re preparing for Ironman Cozumel. Curious, what are you doing to avoid injuries caused by overpronation? Runners are using our insoles to reduce runner’s knee/shin splints – without compromising shoe fit. Thought you might be interested. Either way, check out Diego’s Taco for carbo-loading.”