Pits In Your Stomach Making Cold Calls?

Do you get pits in your stomach making cold calls?

The problem is your intent.

The pits are caused by having expectations.

You think, “I need to book a meeting with everyone.”

Because this is impossible, you inevitably feel rejected.

You conclude you’re incompetent, feel bad about what this means for your entire life, and think the phone is a cactus.

If this sounds like you, I have some good news.

There’s a different path you can take.

Let go of having expectations.
Be a scientist, not a salesperson.

Scientists come from a place of not knowing.

They formulate a hypothesis around a specific problem, test, evaluate and let the experiment happen.

Scientists aren’t attached to the results. Results just are.

Here’s how a scientist tests a hypothesis on a cold call:

Example for Gravy Solutions:
“Josh, it looks like you sell a few courses. If you don’t mind my asking, are you using internal resources or an outsourced team to recover failed payments?”

Example for Phone Ready Leads
“We’re seeing call-to-connect rates are 1-2%. How are you going about increasing your call-to-connect rate? Are you using a parallel dialer like Orum, some type of power dialer, or are you not really looking a this?”

Example for Cledera
“Not sure about your folks, but we’re seeing that many orgs with at least 15 SaaS subscriptions overpay 25-30% yearly in renewals. How are you getting visibility into your subscriptions today?”

Then listen without having an agenda.
There are no objections to overcome.

Some prospects will open up and share.
Some won’t. It’s okay either way.
You’re sorting, not controlling.
Each conversation is like a tiny experiment.

The takeaway?

You’ll start way more conversations when you come from a place of not knowing than you ever will by coming from a place of knowing.

Prospects don’t resist change.
They resist being changed.

The shift?
Knowing —> Not knowing
Controlling —> Surrendering control
Salesperson —> Scientist