Prospects Are Afraid of You

Whenever prospects feel they’re being talked “into” buying they want out. So do you. So does everyone.

If you want to get better at persuading, the first step is understanding the human operating system (hOS), so you can work with it instead of against it.

Here’s how to be in sync with the hOS:

  1. Don’t pitch or persuade. When people feel the push, they pull away.
  2. Be calm—lean back.
  3. Let go of assuming you’re for everyone. Imagine that you’re a sorter, not a seller. When you detach from the outcome, you create an environment where prospects lower their defenses because they don’t feel “sold” or “manipulated.”
  4. Let prospects have their own thoughts even if there aren’t your thoughts.
  5. Realize when prospects are feeling sales pressure and adjust your behavior.
  6. Be open to the possibility that prospects might be able to make enough progress without you.
  7. Stop overcoming objections, understand them. When you overcome objections, you’re subconsciously saying, “I’m right, and you’re wrong.” Egos don’t like that very much. Shameless plug – Check out my sales objection flashcards.
  8. Don’t burn the popcorn. Burning the popcorn is when you give too much information or feature dump. Talk less.
  9. Shine a light on a future disaster prospects might not be aware of, then allow them to make up their own mind.
  10. Look for opportunities to give slight compliments. Genuine compliments make egos feel good. Don’t overdo it.