How to Qualify Without Interrogating

Asking too many qualifying questions can sometimes make your potential customers feel like they’re being interrogated.

Here’s some phraseology you can use to qualify without questioning (hat tip to Stan Billue):

  1. John, tell me about your two top priorities this year.
  2. John, let’s say we’re chatting 6 months from now.   Share with me what you’d like your candidate experience to look like.
  3. John, fill me in on what you’re doing today.
  4. John, bring me up to speed on what’s been holding you back.

You can also use the “follow up” phases below to learn more after your prospect responds :

  1. Tell me more about that John . . .
  2. Go on . . .
  3. Please continue . . .

An added benefit of using this approach is that you’ll forge a stronger bond with your potential customer because you’ll sound more conversational and human.

Pro tip: take a few of your qualifying questions and turn them into statements using the phraseology above.