Humanizing Cold Outreach with Rachel Gray

Last week I received 15 LinkedIn connection requests and I ignored all of them because they were what advertising legend Dave Trott calls “white circles”.  They were all the same. The brain ignores patterns so that it can concentrate on more important things. It’s the reason why you don’t pay attention to every car on the road while you’re driving.  To stand out in a sea of white circles you have to be different. In other words, you have to be a red x in a sea of white circles.  The concept of the red x is important because your prospects secretly ask themselves four questions when they read your sales message. The first they ask is, “Should I pay attention to you?”  And if you’re a white circle, the answer to that question is no and you don’t get to move to the second, third and fourth question your prospects ask themselves before they decide to take a meeting with you.

That’s why I was excited to groove with Rachel Gray, and Account Executive at Proposify.