Real Price Negotiation

Real price negotiation on LinkedIn.

Lisa: “Do you have a paid downloadable version of your objection flashcards? I have a printer and am not interested in $72 for the paper to be sent to the Uk.”

Me: “Yes.”

Lisa: “Thanks but the price is too steep.”

Me: “Too steep?”

Lisa: “I think it costs too much. Granted your experience is valuable, however with some time and research, I can make my own. Also cheaper options on Amazon…”

Me: “Sounds like you can make or buy a comparable set for less.”

Lisa: “Josh Braun If I am even half as successful as you, I’ll let you know how much mine cost 😉”

Me: “Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Happy to share what I learned along the way. I made a few costly mistakes reprinting.”

Remember your mantra.

“I’m not for everyone.”


Selling is about having conversations with a “s” not a conversation.