I Can’t Guarantee You’ll 10X Your Cold Email Response Rates.  But Isn’t That Refreshing?   

Before the Red X Workshop:  You‘re sending lots of cold emails but getting little to no responses.  People are saying, “I’m not interested” far too many times.  Prospecting feels scattered and stressful. Meetings are unpredictable.

After the Red X Workshop: I can’t guarantee what results you’ll achieve after taking the challenge, but in the long run, I promise you‘ll have more conversations with your ideal prospects. 

Isn’t That Refreshing?  Aren‘t you tired of hype-y promises? Don’t you want to hear about a system for booking meetings that’s free of filler, fluff and empty promises?

Welcome to the Red X Workshop. You’ll learn how to create outreach campaigns -  cold emails, LinkedIn messages, direct mail, voicemails, video emails and cold call scripts that invite prospects to care and be motivated to learn more. 

During the Red X Workshop, you'll get step-by-step instructions, everything you need to write a outbound campaign (cold email, cold scripts, video email, LinkedIn messages and direct mail) that stands out in sea of same and the accountability to get it done ...

So you can start more conversations with people you want to get in front of.

I can’t guarantee what results you’ll achieve after taking the challenge, but in the long run, I promise you‘ll be better off than you are now.




I Don’t Kiss and Tell But My Clients Do

I really appreciated how Josh engaged with the team. He felt like a team member rather than someone we brought in. SDRs valued the coaching and the better outcomes they were able to achieve. When the team is happy, I’m happy.

Matt Millen

Chief Revenue Officer at FLEXE

We’ve got about 40 new meetings out of the training you provided.

Chris Murray

CEO at Oomph Inc.

Josh has helped my company grow from 10 enterprise customers to over 200 with brand names like Twitter, Viacom, and Brown University

Claire Coder

CEO at Aunt Flow

Get responses like this:

Why Should I Listen to This Guy?

While I'm not into chest-pumping I realize I have to do it from time to time.

So please don't judge me as I let the beat mmmm droppppp:

  • I've used cold email to book meetings with executives at GEICO, Verizon, McDonald's and Disney just to name a few.

  • I got Chris Voss to agree to come on my podcast with one cold email.

  • I taught Claire Coder, the CEO of Aunt Flow how to use cold email to book meetings with over 200 of her ideal clients including Twitter and Viacom.

  • Chris Murray, the CEO at Oomph used the techniques taught in this challenge to book 40 meetings with people he wanted to get in front of.   

Whew . . . give me a second.  I feel kinda gross after that.  Again my apologies for the little bragging storm I just put you through . . . but I guess what I'm saying is that I can teach you how write outbound campaigns that start conversations.  

I lay it all on the line in this 14-Day Challenge, sharing my most closely held tips that I don't share anywhere else (Not even on LinkedIn that's read by tens of thousands of salespeople each month.)

Join the Challenge and You Get All of This:

  • How to write  cold emails, LinkedIn messages, direct mail, voicemails and cold calls scripts that get responses.
  • How to craft a killer subject line that hooks prospects from the jump .
  • Hands-on  exercises with feedback to help you get your cold email sequence DONE quickly and effectively. 
  • Proven copywriting techniques that start more conversations with your ideal prospects. 
  • A system of creating a repeatable flow of meetings with people you want to get in front of. 

Investment: $2,500


Seriously. Writing a cold email sequence that gets results takes work and time—if it didn't, everyone would be doing it right? Inboxes are littered with cold emails that never get opened.

This challenge ISN’T for you if you think you already know everything. You have to be willing to go back to the drawing board. Ask for feedback, get fresh eyes, listen, and implement what you learn.

This challenge ISN’T for you if you can't dedicate at least an hour for each day of training to watch the video, then another hour or two on your homework/workbook. 

(Don't worry. It's okay to work at your own pace and take longer than fourteen days to finish, as long as you do the work! You'll have lifetime access to the videos)!

✔ This challenge IS for you if you're ready to create cold emails that gets results.

✔ This challenge WORKS if you do the WORK. You know you could keep doing what you're doing and get the same results. BUT you're ready to work through this challenge and see if you can skyrocket your cold email response rates. 


If you are ready to put in the work, you'll have an outbound campaign and process that produces a consistent flow of conversations with your ideal prospects.   Don't miss this opportunity to finally write an ad that sells! Take the initiative, block out some time for us, and GET. IT. DONE.