Risks or Rewards?

I’m thinking about buying a fancy car.

My mind is fixating on the risks rather than the rewards.

“What if I regret spending so much money on a car?”

“How much will the car depreciate?”

“What if I don’t like it?”

Why am I talking about this?

Whenever you’re faced with a big decision, your mind tends to fixate on the risks rather than the rewards. Brains are negatively biased.

“What if I move to Chicago and don’t like it?”

“What if I take a new job/role and fail?”

The problem?

When you’re fixated on risks, you ignore the cost of inaction.

“What am I missing out on if I don’t move to Chicago?”

“How much money am I losing if I stay at my current job for another three years?”

“What will it cost to fix my car over the next two years?”

Thinking about the cost of inaction can make taking action feel less risky.

The takeaway?

When faced with making a big decision, weigh the cost of inaction with taking action.

Sometimes the comfortable choice is the best choice. However, don’t choose comfort just because it’s comfortable.

I think I’m going to buy the car.