Sales Pressure

Don’t do that, do this.

Prospect: “We already have a vendor for that.”

Don’t Say This:

❌ Most people I speak with have a vendor, but what they found was…

❌ At this point, I’m not asking you to rip anything out. I’d just like the opportunity to show you how we’re different.

❌ Have they ever let you down?

These responses put people in what I call the Zone of Resistance (ZOR).

The ZOR is a reflect reaction to sales pressure.

It’s why you tell department store associates you’re “just looking” and they buy something a few minutes later.

Say This:

✅ A vendor? (Mirroring – Chris Voss)

✅ If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been working with them?

✅ Sounds like you’re happy. (Labeling – Chris Voss)

✅ We often hear that small business owners spend 4-5 hours a day on fulfillment. How does that compare to your experience?

✅ Have you considered outsourcing editing for those times when you have a backlog of episodes? (Poke the bear).

✅ We’re seeing general accounting firms often miss out of employee retention tax credits because they aren’t aware of recent changes to qualification criteria. Have you considered augmenting you CPA with an audit by an ERC specialist? (Poke the bear).