Humanizing Cold Outreach With Sara Colombo

I recently spoke with Sara Colombo the Director of Business Development for Jellyvision, about her outreach approach. (A whopping 90% of Jellyvision’s meetings are set using outbound tactics.)

Sara shares plenty of actionable tactics in this interview including:

  • How to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects.
  • Getting into the right state of mind.
  • The importance of sounding like a human not a sales robot.
  • The purpose of a cold call (it’s not what you think).
  • The number of people to contact at each company.
  • A 3-minute preparation technique that opens up conversations with strangers.
  • How to get direct dials.
  • How to optimize your productivity.
  • How to open a cold all in a way that feels natural and human (we role play it).
  • What to say when your prospect says, “You caught me at a bad time.”
  • A simple technique for sounding more natural on the phone.
  • 2 tactics that will help you improve your cold call skills.
  • How to keep your BDR team motivated.
  • How to structure one-on-ones with BDRs in a way that improve performance.
  • How to speed time to productivity for new BDRs.
  • How to diffuse “Can you send me some information.”
  • How to use humor to diffuse “I don’t have budget.”
  • Leading with value not product.

The Interview