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How To Respond To “Can You Send Me Some Information?”

By December 16, 2015 No Comments

I recently role-played my pitch with sales superstar Juliana Crispo.

One of the objections she threw at me was one I hear all the time:

Sounds good Josh, but can you send me some information?

Most of the time when this objection comes up it’s because your potential customer doesn’t see how your offering can help them.

Juliana’s advice?  Bring up the elephant in the room and say something like this:

Bob, oftentimes when people ask me to send them information, it can mean that they can’t see how our offering applies to their situation, which is not a problem.  But allow me to ask, is that something you’re feeling?

I love this because it helps uncover the real reason your potential customer is asking for information while diffusing sales pressure.

Pro Tip

To stay in control during a sales conversation and build authority, prepare your responses to common objections in advance.  Put them in your playbook.  Practice by putting each objection on a flash card.  Similar to learning your multiplication tables, your response to common objections should be automatic.

The top objections you should be prepared to diffuse are:

  1. “Send me some information.”
  2. “We don’t have the budget.”
  3. “We already work with Company X.”
  4. “I’m not interested.”
  5. “Now is not a good time.”

To learn how to diffuse objections, check out my free course.

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