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Are you just starting out in sales? Have you been selling for some time? Here are some products that might help you make progress faster.


The Badass B2B Growth Guide

Badass Guide
This guide is filled to the brim with tactics that stack the odds in your favor for grabbing people’s attention and keeping it.
Cold Calling

Poke the Bear

Poke the Bear
An easy-to-learn cold calling method for starting conversations with skeptical prospects without the debilitating feeling of rejection.



Snakes Struggling With Sales

Snakes Struggling With Sales logo

I started captioning snakes doing salesy things as a reminder of what not to do (and what to do instead). Thus, Snakes Struggling with Sales was born



Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied

Do prospects get you tongue tied when they raise objections? I got you. 34 Sales objections flashcards. Objection on the front, what to say on the back.



Customer Interview Guide

Included with the Badass Guide. Understand why customers “hired” your product so you create messaging that invites people to care and motivates them to want to learn more.



Private Coaching With Josh


If you’re looking to accelerate your learning curve or have a sales problem you need a different perspective on then a coaching call might be what you need.

$1200/1 Hour



Hosting a sales kickoff or workshop? Let me help your reps achieve full badassery. Drop me a line at

I offer workshops on cold calling, defusing objections, negotiating and cold emailing.

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1-hour talk - $15,000
Half day - $20,000
Full day - $25,000