Six Sales Pills That Are Hard to Swallow

  1. You don’t control when or if people buy. Focusing on things you don’t control is a recipe for feeling anxious and abandoned all the time. 
  2. It takes two people to make a sale. If your prospect stops responding to your emails, taking your calls, or showing up for meetings, walk away. 
  3. Just because a door is closed doesn’t mean it’s locked forever. Events and circumstances change over time. Instead of assuming people aren’t interested, assume the timing is off. Keep knocking without expecting anyone to answer. Most salespeople don’t knock enough. Use different knocks. Keep knocking. 
  4. Your manager isn’t responsible for your growth. You are the captain of your own ship. Focus on improving yourself. 
  5. Not everyone sees the world as you do. What’s obvious to you might not be obvious to someone else. There are always multiple lenses to view things from. Listening without judging is a good skill to master. 
  6. Talking people into things is a net negative every time. Whenever people feel like they’re being talked into buying, they enter what I call The Zone of Resistance (ZOR). The ZOR is a reflex reaction to sales pressure. The only way out is to let go of assuming you’re for everyone—shift from selling to sorting.