Snake Eyes

I wanted to buy an expensive road bike. So I called three bikes shops asking if they had the brand I wanted in my size.

Two shops had the bike in stock.

When I called the third shop, Racer’s Edge in Boca Raton, John the owner said this: “We don’t sell bikes that way.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

John: “The problem with buying a high-end bike is that you ride it for 30-40 miles and discover you’re not comfortable and it can’t be adjusted to fit you. So you sell it and lose 50%. The correct position keeps your body aligned on the bike, helping to prevent injuries while making you comfortable and relaxed. That’s why we do a 2-hour bike fitting first before recommending a bike. We have more fitting experience than any other shop in the area with over 10,000 fittings.”

I booked a fitting and bought a Specialized S-Works SR7 Snake Eye bike from John. (Not the bike I originally wanted).

Why? John poked the bear. He shined a light on a problem I didn’t know about.

He had a point of view. The lesson? To stand out you need to stand for something.

What do you know that your prospect doesn’t know?