Stories of Awesome

I don’t kiss and tell. But my clients do.
"I've been following Josh on LinkedIn for about a year now. We finally brought him in to train our AEs [Account Executives] and BDRs [Business Development Reps] on cold calling and had a fantastic learning experience. Josh's flexible approach to embracing individual styles while utilizing his techniques to handle objections and get prospects to open up was one of the best trainings I've been a part of. When you get rid of your commission breath and detach from the outcome, great things can happen."
Andrew Hansen
"There aren't any silver bullets. And I typically am not overly-vocal about who's content I respect, follow, or personally learn the most from behind closed doors. But if you'd indulge me for a second, if I had to give you a silver bullet on this fine Thursday, it would be: Follow Josh Braun.
I'd pay close attention to WHO he is and specifically how he adds value to every single person he meets based on the questions he asks. Watch his videos, webinars, LinkedIn posts, articles, tweets, and comments. If he wrote something in the sand on a beach somewhere in Thailand, I think it would be worth everyone's time to fly there and read it."
Becc Holland
Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development,
"Just got a callback with your VM 3 Talk Track, transitioned to the cold call script, and that turned into another demo booked! I changed my mind. I don't feel unbelievable. I feel like Superman! Also, that is 1 of 6 callbacks from VM 3 talk track this week. I averaged MAYBE 6 callbacks a month prior. It's amazing how much impact a slight change in wording can have on people. So far, I have seen a 500% ROI on your sales guide."
Harrison MacLean
Sales Engineer, Highspot
"What's sooo great about Badass Growth Guide is that the playbook has been in an open tab on my computer for about a week now, and when I went to look up CE51---because I think it will help me with a current prospect---it wasn't there. Huh… then I hit refresh on the browser page and CE51 and CE52 popped right in line. IT. KEEPS. GROWING. Even after you purchase it. Thx Josh Braun."
Ethan Bull
Ethan Bull
Remote Executive Assistant, ProAssisting
"Josh! I wanted to let you know how your tips re: emails + 2nd touches are doing… I've only started to experiment with them, and after only 53 emails (with 2nd touches on all of them), I've booked 3 meetings, and one of them is already leading to a 2nd meeting.
So that's a 5.7% email-to-meeting rate with your template, which is about double the original ~3% rate I had on my original emails. 🙂
I'm smiling as I'm writing this, because you are so, so freaking good at what you do. And I'm grateful for you shining a light on a new approach."
Claire Lew
Claire Lew
CEO, Know Your Team
"I used to email so many people and very few of them would reply. So, I started experimenting and split-testing my emails to see which ones received more responses and why. I also religiously stalked Josh Braun's fantastic content and applied his wisdom to my own emails. And ever since, my email response rate has quadrupled."
Oliver Rutherford
Oliver Rutherford
CEO, UniRise
"This is going to sound like I'm an affiliate marketer for Josh Braun. But I'm actually trying to express gratitude to Josh for the guide. 🙂 I absolutely love the B2B guide!!! So much value for a great price. Nitty-gritty tactics and bigger plays. Go get it!
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee
LTAC Fast Track System
"I can't tell you enough how much the B2B Guide has changed my career trajectory. I recently was promoted and was tasked with handing down the skills I've learned to my team as I transition to my next role. I hope you don't mind that some of what I share with my team is stuff that I learned from you."
Cody Cluff
Account Development Manager, Artemis Health
"Josh, wanted to say thank you for all the work you do! I've adopted your cold email/call principles and booked 5 quality meetings this week. Looking forward to more content from you, thanks again."
Anthony Mehringer
Anthony Mehringer
Account Executive, MuleSoft
"You have made me fall back in love with sales - I have been doing it for 15+ years and fully self-trained. Like a breath of fresh air. Thanks. :)"
Oliver Knowles
Account manager, Brightmile
"Hey Josh, your Badass B2B Growth Guide has helped me book 3 clients in 2 weeks. Lol. F** Incredible!"
Shane Parminder Mahi
Founder & SEO, SalesDRIIVN
"For sure. 2 years ago when you helped me the first time, I booked 8/10 meetings with the script. 8 out of 10 conversations."
Ryan Lacerda
Account Executive, AddShoppers
"I was just thinking about you! Going great - check this out!!! In 7 weeks adding 10/day to ATL and BTL regions compared to 5 for the entire month before - AMMMAAZZZIINNGGG!"
Kelly Cabatuan
Director, America's Sales Development, Alteryx
"Josh has been integral to developing a pitch that resonates and training our account executives and SDRs to deliver it confidently and with ease. Our meetings booked have increased significantly, our team is more comfortable hitting the phones (and therefore their activity metrics) and overall morale is up because we feel like we're making progress after a few months of floundering."
Katie Mitchel
Head of Marketing, UserLeap
"My boss paid me an extra 1000 bucks last week to write a bunch of emails for him since he noticed how good my reply rates. The Badass guide is badass.
Dariush Morid
Full-cycle Senior Sales Consultant, Quotit Corporation
"Hey Josh. Not that probably need the affirmation but I've been paying attention to your posts, podcasts, etc.---wait, do you run triathlons? The results I've seen from personalizing my cold messages as you suggest have been outstanding. One CEO I contacted told me he responded because it was the best, most personalized message he had seen in a long time."
Christopher Murphy
Enterprise Account Manager, SmartBear
"If you run a #B2B #sales #team, you need to checkout Josh's Badass B2B Growth Guide. If you know me, I love people and hate sales. I've had huge success booking more meetings and getting better follow-up by implementing the tips he outlines, and it doesn't overwhelm new sales people with a bunch of sales lingo. So practical!"
Thomas Burris
Co-Founder, Head Solutionist, Simple IT, LLC
"Best $197 investment ever!"
Walt Goshert
Commercial Insurance Advisor, Prospecting "Mechanic"
"Josh, wanted to send my gratitude for helping me book this meeting with a company that's been on my radar for a while. I used the 4T Formula and sprinkled in some other touches from your guide and what do you know? I'm kicking more ass."
Tanner Webb
Account Executive, Awardco
"Hi Josh - wanted to say 'thank you' & share with you an awesome email response I got. Thanks to your teachings from the Badass Guide & LI posts. (This email used your "Hey, [name], you don't know me" with the custom fields mad lib template). Using humor, illumination questions, and creating information gaps have made my emails more impactful so I get more responses, with yes's and no's (happy to share some other emails with great responses if it's helpful for your promotion/the guide) - my whole BDR team knows your name & about your content since they all ask me where I've come up with my emails! Anyway (that's called an awkward transitions)…thanks for your awesome coaching & down to earth, funny, helpful style - you're making a positive impact on us newbie salespeople!"
Adam Reinhart
Sales Development Representative, Malomo
"Several months ago, I enrolled in a sales training program. I had been reading Josh's content here on LinkedIn for weeks. Every post was based on real-life stories. And left me with a new perspective.Eventually, I added him to my network. Unlike most people, he didn't instant pitch once we connected. In fact, I was the first one to reach out. I told him I'd been loving his content. And I was going to buy his program. Two weeks later I put in my credit card info. By that point, I didn't care how much it cost. I just had a gut feeling that this purchase was going to change my life (which it did). There's a good lesson here. Josh wasn't putting out content to sell me on his program. He didn't try to manipulate me into doing what he wanted. Instead, he gave me fresh perspectives. And wrote content to help me become more awesome at sales. When your focus is on helping others, you can't help but have revenue as a byproduct."
Devin McPaul
CEO, Profitable Scalable Agency
"Josh, BTW… LOVIN' the course! Just got it today. I happened to use the what to say during a call when someone downloads a report. Using your suggestion and almost word-for-word. She 'spilled the beans', I then said, 'well, based on what you shared, it sounds like you might be interested in getting additional information.' She said, 'yes, what can you send?' I said, 'I have info I could send but the best way would likely be to show you how you could utilize our platform to connect with your alumni, would you like to see a demo?' She said, 'Yes, let's do it Thursday if you are available!' WOOHOOO! Demo lined up for this Thursday. This was my FIRST call to a prospect with my new company. YAY ME! And YAY YOU!!!! Should she end up purchasing I would be getting 400% ROI on my investment today. 🙂"
Aleta Batz
Director of Development, Student Playbook
"Hey Josh - have to tell you that since I crafted an email based off your templates (a mixture of the testimonial email, highlighting a crispy problem, promising to teach them about a solution and using a picture of a baby panda at the end) I've booked meeting with the VP of Analytics at, Director of Digital platforms at Johnson and Johnson, and the Director of Digital experiences at Starbucks. With responses like 'very amusing intro, James' and the 'best cold email ever'. These are huge logos for us! Your B2B guide has changed the way I approach writing cold emails. Just wanted to say thanks!"
James Bawden
VP of Sales Development, Salesgig
"Hey Josh, I've begun to adopt your email templates in my cold email prospecting. No mention of the product itself, just illuminating issues that people may now know exist and mention outcomes and achievements that we can get people to experience. Completely different than my previous attempts at cold emails. I booked five meetings last week with aviation companies (a basically dead industry right now) using what you teach. Even landed a one-call close where we cut the demo short to send over an agreement. Thanks for all you do. Keep kicking ass!"
Brendan Shannon
Rotabull, Sales Manager
"Hey Josh, my first week hitting the phones/email at my new gig and I used a template that I had seen you use for an email… I got a reply from a VP of IT in less than an hour… by end of day I booked my first appointment with the largest old closed not one opp in my pipeline… Best part about it, I was showing one of my new teammates and he complemented my initial email, I asked if he follows you and he said, 'I knew it looked familiar, I actually bought the Badass course'… I just officially purchased it as well (I had been waiting until I moved into my new gig). Excited to see more great results. Thanks!"
Ethan Haglund
Commercial Account Representative, Arctic Wolf
"Hi Josh I booked two meetings from phone calls today using your framework for contacting people who download an eBook from the website. Thank you! Great content in the Badass Guide!"
Sam Parnell
Director of Business Development - Europe, eClinical Solutions
"I bought the Badass B2B Growth Guide after it was recommended on TNS one night. I wanted to be able to coach my teams better. I have since recommended it at least a dozen times."
Christopher Bowen
Sales and Delivery Leader/Technologist/Advisor, Cuembly
"Hey Josh! Thanks for the coaching today -- I danced around to a pump-up song for 3 minutes and then hopped on the phone. The first call I used the script on was with the CFO and he's taking a meeting. Killer!"
Shelby Rombach
Account Executive, Enterprise Business Development, Dataiku
"Hi Josh Braun, I used your Follow Up Email 2 with a combination of my favourite negotiator Chris Voss, "Have you shelved this project?" Boom!---instant response. 🙂 After months of getting ghosted. Worth the $ invested in your Badass Guide for growth!"
Carl Stanfield
"Tanzu" Enterprise Sales Lead, VMware
"Hey Josh, I'm one of your students. The Bad Ass guide rocks! Tried your reactivate client email, and landed a gig on the third email. You just put $14k in my pocket. Thank you very much! 🙂 Can't wait to learn more!"
Diane C.
Badass B2B Growth Guide Student
"Hi Josh, You don't know me (Hi, I'm Cameron) and I wanted to thank you. I recently invested in the Badass B2B Growth Guide and have been seeing some exciting results! I've broken into 3 of my tier 1 accounts that previously left me in the dust."
Cameron Ricks
Senior Account Executive, Salesforce
"Hi Josh, I mean, your emails… are the best! If I could buy your Badass B2B guide again, I would!"
Anastasiya Shmal
Sales Lead, RetargetApp
"Josh, Your strategies have already helped me double my salary in less than 2 years."
Elliot Hamrick
Consultant and Account Development Representative, Samsara Technology
"Best purchase I made last year was the Badass B2B Guide. Career-changing advice."
Corbin Karl
Business Development Manager, Arrow
"Just got a response from a CRO I hadn't been able to hook on LinkedIn with InMail or video. You now have an advocate! Have a great weekend."
Mark Gibson
Chief Marketing Officer and Partner, Enableocity
"Hey Josh - just wanted to say thanks for all the content you put out! Your sales guide has been a game changer for me these past few months. Cheers, Rodrigo"
Rodrigo Castaneda
Consultant and Account Development Representative, Samsara Technology
"Thank you so much. I have the Badass Guide and Tongue Tied, objection flashcards. Without you I wouldn't have a job.
Wally Hasslinger
Senior Account Executive, SeeSaw Services
"Your stuff is awesome man! Just worked with an SDR to craft this email to a very senior DM at a Fortune 500 company that downloaded a report we did. We've tried to get a hold of him for a very long time, but never responds. He responded in minutes to this."
Stephen Russo
Director of Sales, CB Insights
"You probably get these all the time, but THANK YOU for what you do. I feel compelled to tell you. I look at your profile literally 3x (sometimes more) a day and always learn something new. Half my screenshots are of your posts. The sales DNA playbook was the best $197 I've spent. THANK YOU!"
Frankie Vignone
Strategic Account Executive,
"Hey Josh, loving the guide! It truly is BADASS, closed approx. $25,000 worth of deals within a month of subscription (since our ticket size is $100-$1000 subscriptions, that's approx. 30 deals which is an absolute quota crasher)."
Dhruv Laddha
Solutions Consultant, SoGoSurvey
"Was in NY, now in CA. I think the training went well. The team was really happy with it and our 1 SDR has been booking a ton of meetings this last week, one on the phone which he credited to your training! I'm especially loving how detached from the outcome they are getting… really less intense on the commission breath, but we do need to get better at letting the prospect talk and get to the problem first."
Katie Mitchell
Head of Marketing, UserLeap
"Dude - your book kicks ass! As does basically all of the content you pump out on LI. I was an SDR & Manager for 7 years and feel like a lot of Sales content going around on Social Media isn't helpful for someone "as experienced" as me, but your stuff always lands. I just move into an Account Exec role and bought your book out-of-pocket because I felt like I had grown stale at my last company. Took me a decent amount of wrestling with what a "deposit" would look like, but I'm very proud of my newest and highest-performing conference promo email, check it out! Thanks for the help JB!"
Josh Jaffe
Account Executive - Financial Vertical, Copado
"As a new SDR ramping in the middle of a pandemic, I was able to 120% of my quota selling into an industry that's been highly impacted (staffing & recruiting). Thanks for creating this guide and for laying down the groundwork for salespeople to be more helpful rather than salesy."
Anna Bergslien
SDR, KaVo Kerr
One of the most useful skills I've picked up via Josh Braun is how to send cold emails. It's a skill that helped me close $500k ARR. 90% of our customers we have with ACVs of $40k were from cold outbound.
Tomer Dean
Head of Marketing, UserLeap
"Was in NY, now in CA. I think the training went well. The team was really happy with it and our 1 SDR has been booking a ton of meetings this last week, one on the phone which he credited to your training! I'm especially loving how detached from the outcome they are getting… really less intense on the commission breath, but we do need to get better at letting the prospect talk and get to the problem first."
Katie Mitchell
Head of Marketing, UserLeap