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41 subject lines that get a 38% open rate

By November 24, 2015 2 Comments

Writing subject lines is easy.  But writing subject lines that get opens? Not so easy.

But fear not.  Here are 27 subject lines you can steal that typically get a 38% open rate.

  1. Bob Jones suggested I contact you
  2. Bob Jones says you’re interested in lead generation
  3. Hey Molly
  4. Only open if you want to convert more demos into revenue
  5. Quick question Kurt
  6. An idea for Verizon FIOS
  7. Your article in the WSJ
  8. Want BDR’s that set 10+ meetings per week?
  9. Wanna get meetings with practically anyone?
  10. Wanna get more meetings with your dream customers?
  11. Wanna generate a steady flow of meetings with prospects?
  12. Wanna increase GEICO’s auto quote conversion rates?
  13. 15.5% increase in luggageonline.com sales in 30 days
  14. Did I lose you? (use a final “breakup” email in a sequence)
  15. Verizon + Jones Agency {their company} + {your company}
  16. Idea to increase sales of handbags on domain.com
  17. SaaS Sales People – Are you still doing demos like this?
  18. Basecamp vs. Asana – whose support is better?
  19. idea to increase Geico’s auto quote conversion rates
  20. idea to increase {Vanguard’s Q1 revenue
  21. Hey Bob, found you through the Being Boss podcast
  22. Hey Sue, congrats on winning the best place to work in Chicago!
  23. Hey Jess – About AT&T and SalesJunkie
  24. Jason, loved your recent post on lead generation
  25. If you’re using Salesforce you need this tool
  26. 35% response rate on your cold email?  Yes please.
  27. Only open if you’re willing to question your beliefs about SaaS lead generation
  28. Statistically speaking you won’t make quota unless you do .  . .
  29. How to turn more SaaS demos into customers
  30. Avoid these 5 SaaS demo mistakes
  31. More FIOS customers for Verizon, what do you think Mark?
  32. Built a thing that increases FSA participation, what do you think Melanie?
  33. Hey Jason – about Basecamp  . . .
  34. My apologies in advance
  35. More gaming app clients for {company} what do you think {first}?
  36. The audacity of this email
  37. The pitch inside this email is as obnoxiously blatant as it comes
  38. This webinar on cold calling will make your prospect’s smile.
  39. This webinar on cold outreach will increase your response rates
  40. Double-digit cold outreach response rates in 30 days?  Yup.
  41. via Bob

Why they work:

  • Intriguing – piques curiosity without giving away too much information
  • Referential-  few subject lines are more effective than referencing someones name
  • Relevant –  speaks to a benefit your potential client will realize
  • Provocative – challenges the current way of thinking
  • Personalized – uses the prospects first name

What Open & Response Rates Should You Expect?

Your open rates should be 20% or higher.

If your response rates are are below 12% you might:

  • be contacting the wrong person
  • not have a benefit or pain that resonates

Happy emailing.

Josh Braun

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  • Scott Herbst says:

    These are great. I’ve been getting a really good open rate with “Can I take a moment?” Leaves out the benefit-based aspect, but they’ve been getting read (or opened, anyway).

    Thanks for a lot of great content!

    • Josh Braun says:

      Glad you found the post helpful Scott. Thanks for sharing your subject line. I’ve used a similar subject line “Can I steal a minute?”

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