Taking the Anxiety Out of Cold Calling

You have two options when cold calling.

A. Expect every conversation to turn into a meeting.

B. Don’t expect every conversation to turn into a meeting.

The problem with A?

When you expect every conversation to turn into a meeting, you end up attaching your self-worth to an extrinsic reward (the meeting).

So when you don’t get a meeting, you feel rejected.

There’s a famous neuroscience phrase that describes this, “Neurons that fire together wire together.”

It’s a vicious cycle.

Same intent.
Same feelings.

So let’s try B.

If your prospect wants to continue the conversation, great.

If your prospect doesn’t want to continue the conversation, that’s great too.

Your mantra?

You’re for some people, but you’re not for everyone.

Selling is about having conversations with an “s,” not a conversation.

You don’t control how people interpret your message, how they respond, or if they decide to continue the conversation.

You only control who you call.
How many people do you call.
What you say.
And how you respond when prospects push back.

The joy of selling (and life) happens when you let go of things you don’t control.

Ironically when you let go of having expectations, you create an environment where prospects feel comfortable opening up because they don’t feel sold or manipulated.

Accept conversations as they are.

Different intent.
Different feelings.
Different results.