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Here’s the Cold Email That Landed a Meeting with One of the Biggest Telecom Companies

By August 22, 2016 No Comments

You are about to see the cold email that landed a meeting with one of the biggest telecom companies.

Why it works

It teaches the potential customer how to achieve a desired outcome BEFORE asking for anything (like a meeting).  In other words, give, give, give before asking for something in return.

Here’s the formula:

  1. “You’re missing out” subject line: Identify a pain point in the subject line and “tease” the solution
  2.  Problem.  Identify a pain point in one sentence
  3.  Screenshot.  Include a screenshot of the problem
  4.  Provoke.  Help prospects see their challenge in a new light
  5.  Include a personalized video.  Use video to dive deeper into the problem and solution. Why video?  Because video has a high perceived value.  Further it’s unique and will therefore stand out in your prospect’s crowded inbox.
  6.  Give permission to say no.  Giving someone permission to say no increases response rates (source).
  7.  Provide a call to action that helps your prospect be more successful.  “Beth, are you open to examining how this approach could help increase your conversion rates?”  Notice that I didn’t say, “Can I have 30 minutes of your time?”  There’s a big difference between the two asks.  The context of the first one is that Beth can be more successful (which is more compelling).  The context of the second one is that I want to take up her time.

Note: the video referenced in this video has been redacted due to confidentiality.

Subject: 2 reasons why telecom.com/productpage is losing sales (and how to fix it..)

Hey Beth,

I recently analyzed the {product name} purchase flow and discovered that you’re most likely seeing drop off at the “select a plan” page below.


I made a personalized video for you where I go over the details, but here are two reasons why you might be losing people:

1. Too many choices. There are 5 plans to choose from and 3 add on options. (DVR capacity, premium channels, and self- or full-service installation.) Research by Sheena Iyengar, a professor of business at Columbia University, concluded that an overload of options paralyzes people (source).

2. Feature-heavy approach. The copy assumes your audience is versed in telecom lingo (megabytes, throttling, VOIP, etc.). Anyone who doesn’t have an understanding of those terms or why they should care about them will be confused (and confusion leads to inaction).

Anyway . . . (that’s called an awkward transition)

Here’s the video of the analysis, along with a “taste” of our recommended approach.

Beth, feel to say no, but allow me to ask: are you open to examining how this approach could help increase your conversion rates?


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