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Six memorable ways to say “thank you” after the sale

By August 25, 2014 One Comment

A few months ago I purchased a custom made one of a kind guitar from Bob who worked at a guitar shop in Los Angeles. Bob took the time to understand my needs and educate me on things like tone woods and body shapes. He had this “how can I help” rather than “how can I sell” way about him. So after two weeks I was thrilled to say “I’ll take it.”

5 months later I received the guitar but was surprised that I never heard from Bob again. No thank you note. No phone call. Nothing.  It would have taken him just 5 seconds to give me a call and say “thank you”.  The cost? Zero point zero dollars.

Why does this matter?

Saying “thank you” forges a strong emotional connection between two people.  It doesn’t just acknowledge the “thing” you sold.  It acknowledges the person who bought the thing too.  To acknowledge someone is to say: You matter.  I appreciate you.  You are important.

Dawn from Hugo Boss

Normally when you provide your contact information at the register it’s used to send catalogs or coupons.  But Dawn used it to express appreciation after I purchased a suit.  The sentence about my trip to Washington made me smile.  Lovely.

I always check to see if Dawn’s working when I pass the Hugo Boss store in the mall.  If she is, I swing in and say hi.  Saying “thank you” in a memorable and sincere way matters.

Think “who’s now” rather than “who’s next”

As salespeople we’re often focused on “who’s next,” but in a climate where keeping existing customers is gold, shouldn’t saying “thank you” be part of your sales process?  Why not make “express gratitude” a formal sales stage after qualify, demo and contract?

If you are going to say thank you, resist using email.  An email thank you feels cold.  And forgettable.  Make your thank you memorable.   Go all out.

Here are six memorable ways to say thank you.

Pick up the phone

Call and say thank you.  And yes, keep calling until you connect with your customer. Create follow up tasks for yourself.  No voicemails.  Pretend you’re prospecting for new business.

Use Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can pay people $5 to do a ‘gig’.   After scrolling through countless gigs (the fun part), I wrote some lyrics and hired an artist to “sing” a thank you to a new customer.  You can see the video below.

Lick a stamp

In the digital age of texting, tweeting, and emailing, sending a real handwritten thank you is more memorable than ever.  Yes, they take more time than their digital cousin, but they really matter.

Remember no matter what product or service you sell, you’re in the relationship-building business.  Period.  And few acts build relationships more than a hand-written thank you note.

My intention is simple when I send a thank you note—to re-emphasize how we’re going to make their life better and to sincerely thank them for taking a chance with us.

I’m always a bit surprised by how positively people respond to handwritten notes.  I’ve had several clients send me a picture of my note prominently displayed on their cork board.

They’re also a great way to differentiate yourself because so few people send thank you’s, let alone hand written notes.

Or have someone else lick the stamp

But what if you like the idea of sending hand written thank you notes but hate your handwriting?

Enter MailLift.   MailLift allows you to outsource handwritten thank you notes on your stationary.  You just type the letter, hit send, and a real person at MailLift writes and mails the note.   You can even select a style of handwriting to suit the occasion.  And if you use Salesforce, this process can be integrated into your workflow.  Just tick type the thank you note into Salesforce, click a button and you’re done.



In the fast-paced world of multitasking and digital communication, a handwritten thank you note is like taking a deep breath.  They slow things down a bit  – – even for just a minute.

For  inspiration, check out this hand-written note from a developer at Wufoo.

Send a Certificate of Awesomeness

You can give this certificate of awesomeness designed by Jessica Hirsche to a new client or whoever’s deserving.  Each certificate comes with a rainbow pencil so your client can add their signature. Over the top?  Yes.  Memorable?   You bet.

Send a telegram

Telegramstop lets you send an old fashion telegram in 5 minutes.

Your turn

A memorable thank you shows that you care while fostering long-lasting relationships with your customers.

How are you going to show gratitude when you win your next customer?



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One Comment

  • Steve Lovig says:

    Nice reminder, thanks. I’m in a job search, and have been sending hand-written Thank You notes to hiring managers and recruiters after every interview. It’s one more chance to reiterate why I’m the best candidate, as well as showing a “human side.” Thanks, SL

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