That’s Out of My Budget

“Whoa, that’s way out of my budget.”

What do you say?

Most salespeople try to overcome this objection by saying something like:

“I understand. In fact, I had two other customers just like you who were uneasy about the price at first. But what they found was … ”

Statements like these destroy trust because prospects can smell your commission breath.

When you try to overcome objections, prospects secretly think, “Of course you’re going to tell me a feel, felt, found story. You’re biased. You have a vested interest in persuading me.

Persuading people is a net negative every time.

It’s not your job to talk people into things.

What’s the way out?

View objections as opportunities to discover truth rather than something you need to overcome.

Like this?

Defuse (Options):
“That’s not a problem.”
“That’s okay.”
“We can be perceived as being expensive.”

Discover more truth:
“Price aside do you have any other concerns?”

“It seems like you’re comparing this to what you have now, what your expected to pay or other options you’re looking at.”

“What were you expecting the price to be?”

Understanding not overcoming.