The Biggest Cold Email Mistake

Here’s the biggest mistake you make when you approach a prospect.

Your message sounds the same as what the prospect already has in place.

In other words, your message isn’t meaningfully different.

Here’s the thing.

Everyone you reach out to is getting the job done.

They’re making progress. (Jobs-to-Be-Done).

They’re getting from point A to point B without you.

To get and keep your prospects attention, you have to know something they don’t know that can (1) move them away from something they don’t want or (2) move them towards something they do want.

By way of example, here’s a message I received a few months ago that got my attention.

“Josh, have you considered using a service to amplify your videos on TikTok so you can get reach beyond LinkedIn? Several creators used my service to grow their followers from 0-3,000 in a few months without lifting a finger. Worth exploring? Either way, keep up the killer content. I enjoyed your two cents on viewing objections as something to understand rafter than overcome.”

Why This Worked

  1. It’s meaningfully different. The message focuses on a result I want but don’t have – Reach beyond LinkedIn and ultimately more sales of my Badass Guide. I’m not on TikTok.
  2. Words like “without,” “no,” or “even if” talk about what’s different. How do I get videos on TikTok “without lifting a finger?”
  3. A genuine compliment. Everyone likes to feel validated. Skip this if you can’t find something to compliment someone on. Generic compliments feel insincere.

How are you meainfully different than the prospects current solution?