The Difference Between Features & Benefits

I didn’t sign up for a new credit card but might have.

As we’re taxiing down the runway, a flight attendant pitches a credit card.

“We’re running a promotion today on the AAdvantage credit card. If you sign up today, you earn 60,000 points. We’re also waiving the annual fee for this first year which is a savings of an additional $50.”

Here’s the thing.

I don’t care about points. I care about what points can do for me.

What do 60,000 points allow me to do that I can’t do now?

Here’s my rewrite:

“Fun fact. A roundtrip flight in business class on American Airlines from the United States to Japan is $1500. Imagine flying to Tokyo and back without paying airfare? You don’t have to imagine it. We’re offering it. It’s called the AAdvantage 60,000 point credit card. Press the call button to see if you qualify for this limited time offer.”

Are you talking about points or a free roundtrip flight to Japan?