The Infomercial Test

Five questions every salesperson needs to know the answer to:

Example for the Car Cane

1. Who do you want to get in front of?

Senior citizens with knee or back pain who drive and live in a snowy climate.

2. What job do they want to get done?

Get in and out of the car.

3. How are they getting the job done without you?

Pushing with their arm when they try to stand. Asking someone to lend them a hand.

4. What terrible thing happens if they keep getting the job done without you? Why is that so terrible?

Slip. Get injured.
Loss of independence.

5. What can people do better after they give you money?

Get out of the car safely & independently.

I call this the infomercial test.

Only 15% of people pass it.

The litmus test:

  1. Can I observe or see the infomercial in my head. I can’t see “streamline”.
  2. Is it specific or crispy? When you’re crispy you’re more believable.
  3. Does it sound like something someone would say over coffee?

Selling is about the before and after.