The Mindset of Top Performers


Imagine you’re in college. You get your midterm grade. it’s a C-. On top of that, you get pulled over for speeding on your way home.

How do you feel?

When I ask this question at workshops, responses typically fall into two categories codified by Carol Dweck:

Fixed Mindset

“I’m pissed.”

“Todays sucks.”

“School isn’t for me.”

“The world hates me today.”

Growth Mindset

“I love a good challenge.”

“I need to pay more attention to the speed limit.”

“I’m going to join a study group.”

“There’s still plenty of time to bring up my grade.

Why does this matter?

Without the right mindset, you won’t achieve the same level of success other reps have. Even though you’re using the same method.

Why is that? Here’s what happens.

Even if you’re using the method, you’re still going to have setbacks. So do I. So does everyone.

You’re going to get rejected.

You might not get the number of meetings you expected right away.

If you have a fixed mindset, you instantly think or say, “This isn’t working. I’m going to quit doing it.”

When you have a fixed mindset, you see failure as a limit in your abilities.

If you have a growth mindset you see failure as an opportunity to grow. When you have a setback you think, “Well, that didn’t work, what can I adjust?”

Successful salespeople fail their way to success.

Sadly, most people have a fixed mindset.

When they’re frustrated, they give up. They blame instead of taking responsibility.

Salespeople with a fixed mindset say and think things like:

“My territory is too small.”

“My manager isn’t training me.”

Salespeople with a growth mindset say and think things like:

“How can I get higher response rates in my smaller territory?”

“What can I do to get better?”

You are what you think about.

Here’s Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can, or you can’t you’re right.”

You can snap your fingers and choose what you think about.

Excuses are valid, but they don’t change outcomes.

Success takes iterations. Like learning how to snowboard. You’re going to fall down going down the mountain.

Embrace the suck. 

You will succeed if you put in the work.

The system you will learn is proven. You just need to trust it and be consistent. If you’re stuck, reach out for help.

Your mantra?

I got this.

Failure is an opportunity to grow.

Got it?  Good.