The Most Powerful Form of Persuasion

What’s the most powerful form of persuasion?

Let’s say you want to hire someone to build a shed.

You know the shed you want – the size, material, color and even the type of roof.

You get bids from two companies that have five star reviews.

But Alex from company three comes to your house and says, “I’m curious. You’ve been getting along just fine without a shed since you’ve had your house. What changed that’s causing you to want a shed?”

You explain that you just got a new car and a ton of detailing supplies so you need a place to put everything.

Alex then says, “You don’t need a shed, you need car detailing storage in your garage.”

He goes on to teach you what garage detailing storage is, how it works, and why it’s better than a shed because the supplies will be closer to your car.

You thought you needed a shed, but Alex taught you what you really needed.

Alex solved your real problem.

Alex sold you a better version of yourself.

The other companies sold you a shed.

Are you teaching your customers to think differently about what they really need or are you selling sheds?

Teaching someone about something new that can help them kick more ass is a powerful form of persuasion.

It’s what I’m doing now.

Selling is teaching.

Teaching is selling.