The Sea of Same

Here are 21 phrases prospects hear all the time.

  1. Flexible
  2. Groundbreaking
  3. Best in class
  4. 360-degree view
  5. Scalable
  6. World-class
  7. Robust
  8. ROI
  9. End-to-end
  10. Easy to use
  11. Increase sales
  12. Save time
  13. Save money
  14. Market-leading
  15. Cutting edge
  16. Turnkey
  17. Next-generation
  18. User friendly
  19. Enterprise-class
  20. Exploiting
  21. Breakthrough

If you’re using these phrases you’re a white circle in a sea of white circle sales messages. You’re swimming in the Sea of Same.

What’s the way out?

Use words you’d say to someone over coffee. It’s called the Coffee Test.

For example, you’d never say this to someone over coffee:

“Most sales organizations aren’t exploring the opportunities to optimize their cold call messaging to increase ROI.”

You’d say this, “Your reps take a 2-hour workshop and start making cold calls that motivate skeptical prospects to want to learn more.”

Are you swimming in the Sea of Same?

Can you pass the coffee test?