The Shortest Sales Book You’ll Ever Read

This is my book.

It’s called The Shortest Sales Book You’ll Ever Read. It’s only 7 words:

“Enable ideal prospects to be more awesome.” Each word is intentional.


Enable means to do something. Doing changes outcomes, giving doesn’t. Just because I give you a guitar doesn’t mean you’re a better musician.


There’s a smaller subset of prospects that you enable to be WAY more awesome than all prospects. What customers do you wish you could clone? What do they have in common?

Who  “ideal” was six months ago might not be ideal now. When context changes, ideal changes. Who bought within the last 3 months?


You don’t enable verticals or companies to be more awesome. You enable prospects or people to be more awesome at their job.


Your prospects are secretly saying, “Isn’t my current solution good enough?”

Inertia is powerful.

Before you approach prospects, you must first understand what sucks about how they’re getting the job done today.

The keyword being sucks. People live with problems all the time. I have a pixel out on a TV. But I barely watch that TV. And when I do I rarely notice the missing pixel.

Problems need to be intense and frequent to get attention.

What does doing nothing cost your prospect?


I doubt you’re reading this post just for the sake of reading it.

You’re reading this post because you want to be more awesome at selling. Nobody says, “I wish I was a camera expert.”

They say, “Look at this awesome picture I took.”

What does X enable prospects to do that they couldn’t do before? Thanks for reading my book.

I hope it enables you to be more awesome.