Things Always Even Out

This Seinfeld clip embodies what it sounds like to detach from the outcome.

Imagine if you adopted Jerry Seinfeld’s philosophy when selling, “Things always even out for me.”

Got the sale or booked a meeting? Great.

Didn’t get the sale or book a meeting? That’s okay too.

“Things always even out for me.”

Sure, you’d like the sale, but you don’t need the sale.

When you’re indifferent to the outcome, you create an environment where prospects feel comfortable having honest conversations with you because they don’t feel “sold” or “manipulated.”

The more honest conversations you have, the more money you make without wasting your time chasing.

The opposite is also true.

When you adopt a “things always even out for me” philosophy, you no longer feel rejected when prospects say “no” because you don’t attach your self-worth to the outcome.

It’s not your job to talk everyone into buying.

Shift from selling to sorting. Selling is about having conversations with an “s.”

Things always even out for you. You’ll meet something else.